Rose Water - is it a waste of money?

By Robyn Dowsley - June 09, 2017

A friend of mine sells Younique and I was always impressed with the way her make up stayed on and how good it looked so I went ahead and got myself a great bargain and brought the presenters kit.  It was amazing value with no strings attached to be a presenter if I didn't want to.  The bundle came with a bunch of products, one of them was a product I never thought I would use and never thought I needed.  It was Rose Water.  I honestly thought, what is this?  This is an absolute waste of money, why would anyone want to buy something called Rose Water…. This has got to be a joke!

It took me a while before I even looked at it. Because I thought it was an absolutely pointless product.  First I tried it after I'd washed and moisturised my face.  I spritzed it on my face and thought - wow that's refreshing.  It smelt lovely and made me feel fresher. However I wasn't convinced. But because I had it I thought maybe I should do some research and find out exactly what rose water is used for and maybe I can put it to some good. 

I was surprised to see the range of things it was recommended for and have started using this product for so many things.

I have tried it in my hair - after washing and drying and it made my hair feel so nice.  I am able to go longer without my roots going greasy between washes.  It tames my frizz!!! Do you know how many products I have tried to tame my frizz with? They have either not worked or they have but have left my hair looking flat and greasy and I would have to wash my hair every day because you wouldn't want a build up of the product on your hair because it would look as though you hadn't washed your hair in a week. 

I use rosewater now as a setting spray for my make up - I find it works just as good as the translucent setting powder.

I now use it to spray my face when I am feeling a little hot on the face or feeling tired…. Instant re freshness!  I have gone from not liking this product to thinking its one of the best things in my make up bag! 


Rose water can help maintain the PH balance of your skin 
Rose water can be used as toner
Rose water helps cool the skin
Rose water can be used on cuts, abrasions, scars and wounds to help them heal
Rose water can help to keep away fine lines and wrinkles, 
Rose water can help cradle cap on babies
Rose water has anti-bacterial properties
Rose water can help with acne
Rose water can help with skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema 
Rose water can help calm rosacea - redness in the skin
Rose water can reduce eye puffiness
Rose water can reduce dark circles under your eyes
Rose water can be used on dry skin to help soften it
Rose water can be used as a make up remover
Rose water is a great aftershave - for both men and women 
Rose water can help with sunburn 


My answer is a big fat : YES! It is worth it! It may seem like a waste but there are so many things I now use rose water for. I even take it in my hand bag when I go out to give my face a spritz, refreshen  and to make me feel alive and awake. 

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