Colour Theory Part 2 - Make colours work for you

By Robyn Dowsley - July 29, 2017

In part one of this blog series we looked at the colour wheel and at the basic way colour combinations are formed.  We are now going to put this into practise.  

‘There are so many ways the knowledge of colour and colour combinations is going to help us when applying make up. The first way is by colour correcting.

Colour Correcting
Ok so we know from our basic colour wheel that each colour has a complementary colour.  What this colour can do when it comes to makeup and our skin - is help us to hide things we don’t want to show up.  

For example, I suffer from both redness in the skin and from dark circles under the eyes.  I can try to cover it with foundation and concealer and some days it might be enough to do the trick. I find these days that my redness isn’t too bad some days and regular concealer is enough.  However there are some days when it’s particularly bad and almost every day I suffer from those dark circles.

Ok so lets look at this.  My dark circles are bluish with a slight purpleish tone sometimes but mainly blue.  The opposite colour to blue on the colour wheel or its complementary colour is orange.  

So if I take an orange concealer and put it under my eyes = over those dark circles, what its going to do is actually correct that colour and bring it back to a more even normal looking skin tone.  The important thing to remember when applying these coloured concealers is to apply your normal concealer or foundation over the top or you will just have an orange under eye

Similarly with the redness I can erase it by using the complementary colour of green.  
Sadly it isn’t as simple as that because we need to take into account people's skin tones. orange would be great for me if I had a darker skin tone - but because my skin is fair I need a lighter shade either a pale pink or peachy colour.  

Purple concealers  are great for getting rid of unwanted yellow tones, whilst yellow concealers are perfect for getting rid of purple under the eyes or for covering any veins that might be showing and is great for brightening the skin.  Notice where these colours sit on the colour wheel?

Choosing colours for eyeshadow &  blush

Thankfully these days we have so many choices when it comes to colour.  It’s not only eye shadow or lipstick - these days we have coloured eyeliners and mascaras - so many ways we can incorporate colour into our faces.  Using the colour combinations we talked about yesterday we can come up with a whole colour scheme for our eyes or our entire face.

So how do you know what of these colour combinations are going to look good on you

When we are talking about eyeshadow we can look at eye colour.

If you are wanting to get the best out of your colours and want to take it a step further.   You can take things a step further and look at the warm and cool tones of the colours that match your eye colour.  For example if warmer colours look good on you and you have green eyes - a purple colour is going to look good on you.  You can go with a warmer toned purple - something that has more red in it.  And if you look better in cooler colours you could go with a purple that contained more blue.  Of course you don’t have to do this - it's just something else you can think about if you really want to get nit picky.

Green Eyes

If you have green eyes any shade of purple is going to make your eyes look amazing!  Other colours that will look good with green eyes are browns, rusty colours, golds burgundy and even smokey greys can look good as well.  I have green eyes and my two favourite colours to use are pink and purple. So if you wanna rock a bold look I definitely recommend pink and purple

If you want to create softness in the eyes use a brown eyeliner and mascara on your eyes.  

Hazel Eyes
If you have hazel eyes you can wear purples and plums, golden colours or greens.  Greys and browns also work well

Blue eyes
If you have blue eyes the colours that will look great on you are oranges, browns and  bronze.  These colours are going to contrast the cool of the blue in your eyes and add some warmth.   Charcoal is going to look great with blue eyes and really add some flair.

Greeny Blue
If you have greenish blue eyes you can bring out either the green or blue in your eye depending on what colour eyeshadow you use.  If you want to bring out the green go with something that is purple or lilac.  To bring out the blue use a colour such as gold.  

If you have grey eyes you can use colours such as gold, lilac, mauve, grey and warm brown

Brown eyes

There are lot of colours available to people with brown eyes.  If you have warm brown eyes try and go with colours such as golds, peaches, bronzes, warm browns and creams.  Shades of purple such as plum and violet can look good on a warm brown eye as well

If you have a cooler shade of brown eye you can go with bold cool steely colours such a silver and charcoal.  Cool shades of blues such as teal as well as browns will also look great.  Violet and plum can be a great addition too

Let's talk blush!
When talking blush we need to look at the persons skin tone. I have put together some graphics on the sorts of colours that might look good on you based on your skin tone.

Blush for fair skin

Blush for medium skin

Blush for dark skin

The third and final part of this series will contain comprehensive info graphics of all the information contained in these first two parts.  Leave a comment or a like if you are enjoying reading this blog and let me know what kind of things you’d like to see from me.

Until next time guys :) x

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