Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

By Robyn Dowsley - July 11, 2017

So today I started my diet. I really shouldn't call it a diet because it isn't. I've done diets. I've tried to loose weight, I have also failed! I had long ago give up hope on being in the healthy weight range.  I kept thinking if I try - I am going to fail so why bother trying at all.

The problem is I that even thought I kept thinking I would fail I would still think about it. I would still dream about it.  I would think - how nice would it be to have a thinner face. How nice would it be to go shopping for clothes I like. How nice would it be to have the energy I once used to. How nice would it be to be able to tell my kids yeah I can run around with you! Instead of having to opt out all the time like I do at the moment.

It annoys me and I am angry with myself. I am angry I let myself get to this weight. I am 114kg and 170cm.  Once upon a time I was fit, I was healthy - I exercised and I loved it! What happened you ask?  Well I moved interstate and instead of walking every where I was with my now husband and he drove - he drove everywhere. It became easier to drive than to walk.  And because I was in a new relationship without even realizing it I put exercise aside. Not meaning to - I just did - very slowly but surely. Then I got pregnant and after I had my son I guess life was more about him.  Now I am not using him as an excuse because I could have exercised with him. I could have done a lot. But I guess my life changed - like I said - slowly and without me really realising I stopped exercising or that I was increasing my sugar intake and fat intake.

Anyways here I am today. The son I mentioned is now 11 and I am now overweight.

I got so sick of my negative thinking. I have accomplished so much in a few short years.  I was too scared to talk to people because I suffered and still do suffer anxiety. But I really wanted to do photography - so I did a course. I got a job doing Santa photos then a job doing school portrait photography and I even started my own business.

I wanted to do this blog.. I wanted to do make up. And you know what? I've done those things. I've worked hard, I've worked my butt off and I put my mind to it and I did it. I wouldn't take no for answer and I did what I set out to do......

Why is healthy eating and weight loss any different?  I did those things I wanted to and dammit I am gonna loose weight too!! I am determined! I am going to do it. I want to be healthy - I want to be fit. I can and I WILL.

So yeah - today is day one! I went out and brought a Pilates mat and a stretchy band and spent most of the day on my feet walking around.

My lunch today consisted of a multi grain roll with carrot, onion, pineapple and lettuce mix.

Tea tonight :  Refried Beans, Black Rice and Corn Salsa - all made by me. This one was a hit with the hubby as well.  Great thing about refried beans is they are so good for you and so under rated! 

And here is my Pilates/Yoga mat :)

Oh and can you believe this?  While I was at lunch my son wanted a donut and I was like ok cool its the holidays... so I got him one. Then the lovely lady who was serving us said "I put one on there for you too" - what a kind gesture! I didn't have the heart to turn her down - BUT don't worry! I didn't give into the sugar!  I let my son have it as well! He couldn't believe his luck!  But what are the chances the first day you start your new lifestyle and someone gives you a donut on the house! 

Anyways guys - this blog was a complete rambling of my thoughts. If you have made it to the end - thank you for reading it and also PLEASE BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

If you have a dream - FOLLOW IT!
If you have always wanted to do something - DO IT!


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