Product Review - 3D Fibre Lash Mascara by Younique

By Robyn Dowsley - July 12, 2017

Today I am going to be reviewing Younique's number one selling product which is their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara.  This product was the first product I saw by Younique and it was the one product I was really keen to get my hands on.

I can remember being so excited about it coming in the mail because I kept seeing photos online of people using the mascara and really wanted to try it for myself.

The mascara is $38 AUD and as far as packaging for mascara goes this one's packaging is pretty nice. You receive a plastic wrapped box that opens up to reveal two mascara wands inside a little fabric case.   The first wand is a Gel Applicator Wand. This goes on just like your normal mascara, you can also apply this to your bottom lashes.

The second wand is the 3D fibers and this is what gives you the length and volume.  The fibers themselves are made of nylon but have been formulated with CoQ10 and  squalane to help moisturise your eyelashes.  Usually when I read statements like "contains squalane and CoQ10 to                        
" and fortify the lashes" I usually think - right so it's gonna do the opposite of that then yeah? +

I was surprised to say I was wrong because it actually was moisturising - not to the point where my lashes felt like silk but there was a noticeable difference when touching my eyelashes with the mascara on, my eyelashes didn't feel as brittle and hard as they usually do when wearing mascara.

The packaging also comes with a little pamphlet that will tell you how to apply the mascara. Younique suggest that you apply the gel applicator to one eyelash and follow it with the gel fibers.  Then repeat this process on your other eye.  After this is done they recommend you to apply the gel over the top again. The reason for this is because the gel acts like a glue binding those fibers to the lashes.

Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes absolutely give you length and volume and are an excellent alternative to fake lashes which a lot of people either don't like to wear or have trouble applying.  You can apply more than one coat and as a result you will get more volume and more length however I have found when I apply multiple coats that it can make my lashes feel a little heavy.

The mascara is waterproof which is a bonus but it is also easy to remove with make up remover.  I sometimes even just put a little rose water onto a cotton ball and wipe it over my eyes and I find it comes off with ease.

This mascara is great I highly recommend it especially if you don't like false lashes for whatever reason and you still want that length and volume.

Without 3D Fibre Lash Mascara

 With 3D Lash Mascara
The one thing I will say is that you need to be really careful when applying the fibers.  You need to make sure you wipe the excess off the wand by just rolling the wand on the back of your hand otherwise you will get too many of the fibers on your eyelashes and it can cause it to look very spidery and wirey.

Another thing to make sure you do is to apply the gel twice, exactly like it says.  If you don't the fibers will fall off throughout the day

One of the things I love about this mascara is that you can use the fibers with other mascaras as well.  You just use the same technique - mascara, fibers, mascara. 

I have tried the fibers with various different mascara brands with different results for all them.  The best combinations for lash length and volume have been the 3D mascara that comes with the fibers and also Rimmel Scandal Eyes Xtreme

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