Saving Lashes. Changing Lives. EPIC & ESTEEM

By Robyn Dowsley - July 22, 2017

Younique Product Release

Younique announced on Monday the upcoming release of two new eyelash products as part of their "Saving Lashes, Changing Lives" campaign.  The two new products are designed to either work alone or all together and alongside their current best seller 3D Fiber Lashes.


Esteem is a product that is designed to be used long term. You will only see results with this product over time.  It is an eyelash serum that contains carefully picked ingredients such as Laminaria.  Laminaria is a mix of natural extracts that works to increase the density of your lashes.

Esteem is clinically proven to work showing results with an average lash volume increase of 39% and lash length increase of 29% over a four week period.


This new mascara is designed to maximize your lashes with a brush that features  both high and low density bristles. Tiny small lashes are no problem for this mascara with its tapering end designed to reach even the smallest of eyelashes

When used in conjunction with 3D fiber lashes you can see an increase in volume of up to 500%

Epic & Esteem are only available at the moment when you purchase the presenters kit otherwise you will have to wait till August 1st.

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