Transition Shades

By Robyn Dowsley - September 26, 2017

Transition Shades

If you have been watching any of my live videos lately you would have heard me talk about transition shades.  Some of you may be wondering - what the heck is a transition shade and why should I bother with it??

A transition shade is a colour that helps bridge the gap between the lighter and darker colours in your eyeshadow look.  It also helps blend the eyeshadow colour out into the skin tone so that you don’t end up with a harsh line of colour where your bright eyeshadow colour sits and your skin begins.  

You might think that by only using one or two colours that are close together that you needn't bother with a transition shade - and you could get away with it - but the way the transition shade works adds a whole nother level and will just add that little extra to your shadow

So where does the transition shade go?  
The transition shade should be worked into the crease of your eye and then blended out above your eye - I like to also blend it under the crease as well.. Personally I just find it helps blend everything together.    If you have a hooded eye you want to make sure you come right up and get as close to that eyebrow as you need.  

The crease of your eye can be found by just gently feeling with the tip of the make up brush.  Close your eyes and put the brush right above your eyeball - if you move it across your eye you will feel the ball of your eye - this is your crease

Don’t confuse this with the crease colour. Even though that is the starting point for the transition colour.  The crease colour sits much more firmly in the crease whereas our transition shade is blended above and I like to blend it slightly below as well

Does a transition shade have to be the same every time?

No it doesn’t.  I often use a different transition shade when I am working with different colours. If I am working with warmer colours I will go for a warmer transition shade colour and when I am working with cool colours I will follow suit with my transition colour

Does it matter if I use a matte or shimmer for my transition shade?

Yes!  Well you can actually use anything you want to - there are no rules in make up - it's all about getting creative and finding what works for you.  However transition shades work better when they are done with a matte colour.  Your transition shade isn’t supposed to be the one that stands out.  It's kinda like the back up singer or the glue that’s holding everything together.  It’s not the star of the show

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