Is this 2017's craziest tend yet?

By Robyn Dowsley - October 09, 2017

So 2017 has seen a lot of strange beauty trends.  I thought the last one which included wiggly eyebrows was  a doosy but this next one tops them all.

Nose hair

Yes you read that right.  Nose hair.  What most of us would consider as something that you wouldn’t want hanging out of your nostrils - this new beauty trend sees women sporting not natural but fake hair hanging out of their nostrils.

I know it sounds like I am making this up but I kidd you not.  This is real.  And if you think everything I have said so far sounds like a completely made up story then you are going to have trouble wrapping your mind around this next bit.  

To achieve the long nose hair look people are actually using fake eye lashes, rolling them up and gluing them to the inside of their nose.  I know it sounds like an April fools day kind of prank.  But take a look for yourself

dc-Cover-58dc8d07pan01qs3dhaq4comc5-20171008141032.Medi.jpegSource of photo: gret_chen_che on Instagram :

The video below shows youtuber Sophie Hannah Richardson using fake lashes to make her fake nose hair.  

I am all for new ideas and experimenting when it comes to beauty and if this one rocks your boat then that’s cool but for me I don’t think I will be trying this one any time soon.  

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