Trend Alert - It's all about the lips

By Robyn Dowsley - October 12, 2017

Trend Alert

If 2018's Spring Fashion shows are anything to go by it looks like red lips are back! Models on the runway can be seen sporting red lipstick but not the traditional red as we know it. The red seen on the runway was a red with tones of orange. The different shades of red all appeared to have these tones of orange some more so than others. Some were matte while some were slicked in gloss. Either way the reds seen were really warm and fiery - the perfect colour for spring.
I am huge fan of red lips and bold lip colours so I hope to see more of this as we head into 2018.
I've added a few samples of the colours below. It is hard to tell the orange tone in the first red but trust me it's there :)


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