What magic is this??

By Robyn Dowsley - January 19, 2018

Powdered Lipstick????

I never thought such a thing could exist but here we are.  Younique has a customer kudos package available only for the month of Janurary.  It consists of three lipsticks which are - powders!

I couldn't work out exactly how this was going to work. You would think that it would just come out as one powdery mess but it doesn't.  It glides on and sets to a matte finish.  Of course you can always apply a gloss over the top if you aren't a fan of matte finishes.  Either way the technology involved alone is enough to make me for one want to give this a go

So what makes this possible?  These lipsticks are formulated with encapsulated water technology which is what enables it to transfer to a powder to a cream instantly

The lipsticks come in a cute little set of three with colours "Casual", "Captivating" and "Curvaceous"

These are only available till the end of Janurary.  You can get your hands on these by heading here:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/shannonkateyounique/shop/?ref=page_internal

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